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Sometimes the focus should not only be on where we are going but where we are coming from

Spirituality, economically, psychologically,socially, and academically 

For looking back at the journey is definitely the driving force that propels you to your destiny 

Not only the good and happy times but also the bad and sad times. For they teaches us, motivates us and encourages us to work hard in life,  push harder be courageous because only with determination victory and comfort will be our final destination. 

Tribalism of Political System one of the main roots of evil.

Jamaicans should remember that before JLP and PNP, we all people... from the same race, from the same GOD called upon to work together for the greater good of a society. Why then do we kill our brothers and sisters or deny them of a job because of their preference and or affliction to a party. It should not be so.