Creating Your Opportunity Behind the Eight Ball


There is an old adage that says “my favorite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities”. Despite this fact, quite often many privileged individuals wallow in self-pity, criticize their golden spoon as 'old gold', while the truly impoverished live by fissures of hope.

Many times in my recent past I lost hope. Quite often I questioned my existence or true purpose in life. Moreover, my thoughts of probable success were almost zero- but cued limitlessly after I met John.

John was the third of six children for his parents. His family lived in a one bedroom house designed and constructed from building materials splintered from depraved hurricane victims.  Their beds were framed from the lumber yard remains and third-hand clothing. Furthermore, their home had no sanitary convenience and although he lived with both parents and siblings in a single room house; they bundled comfortably like a litter of kittens on a chilly night. Access to basic food items was luxurious to them but his father, though ailing badly from stage four cancer, would crawl daily to work to provide for his family.

John is currently the chief actuary at St John Insurance Brokers Ltd but he did not attain his dreams without a few missteps as well as, creating his opportunities from behind the eight-ball. To date, many teachers and prominent leaders from John’s district cannot fathom how he was able to actualize his dream knowing that he was never privileged to complete high school after his father died. However, his innate drive for success propelled him to find ingenious ways to achieve his dream profession.

The lessons learned from John’s experience proved that sometimes it takes many banked shots to reach your goal. Furthermore, opportunities are not just sitting idly waiting for you to seize it, sometimes you have to create it.

How to create angles to reach your opportunity:

1.      Surround yourself with people and things which are good for you (Mentor)-Identify influential and positive persons to guide you. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and if we begin to harbour negative thoughts or surround ourselves with people who are, then, we begin to invest in failure. However, if you invest your time and resources by spending it with friend and family who are driven for success, self-motivated and encouraging you would be astonished at the barriers you can overcome or the inspiration you feel when you spend time sharing positive energy.

2.      Identify what works best for you–Evaluate yourself to ascertain if a degree or a skill certificate will be your best option. To believe that you should be doing what the crowd is doing or following traditional career paths can be catastrophic especially for a young adult who is uncertain of his or her career path. So often parents commit the cardinal sin by living their dreams through their children or they characterize certain professions as demeaning and unwelcome. More recently, the rapid growth of social media platforms has created prospects for social personalities who are making a decent income embracing their true calling or passion.

3.      Create an action your plans- After you identify a career path, you need to design a roadmap to get there. Do not be a luftmensch! Only speaking about your dream job and where you want your profession or business to be will never happen until you are willing to make the desired steps to activate your plans.

4.      Accept the start you are given. Comparing and complaining about your circumstances will not take you to your desired destination, but, using the opportunities you are given can catapult your career one level closer to your goals.

Written by Glenton Grennell

St. Catherine YIC