Empowerment Sessions


Youth Empowerment in recent years has become a critical strategy to promote youth participation and strengthen the national youth development platform.
The Youth Innovation Centres (YICs) and Youth Access Points (YAPs) remain one of the primary hub for meaningful youth empowerment. Both YICs and YAPs are equipped with the resources and personnel required to facilitate the ongoing empowerment of young people.

Young people participate in structured “Empowerment Sessions” that are coordinated around specific thematic areas on a weekly basis. These sessions are usually dedicated periods where young people:

  1. Gain self-realization

  2. Build self-motivation

  3. Improve their strengths

  4. Strengthen and develop self-worth

  5. Obtain support for the successful attainment of desired goals

  6. Obtain knowledge, skills and competencies to manipulate their environment


Empowerment Sessions coordinated and executed include but are not limited to the following areas:

  1. The Job Application Process

  2. Five Year/Career Planning

  3. Youth Rights and Responsibilities

  4. Study Skills/Techniques

  5. Jamaica’s Independence/ Emancipation


  7. Employability Skills

  8. Environmental Protection

  9. Disaster Management

  10. Gender Issues

  11. Youth Development through Sports and the Performing and Creative Arts