Fi Wi Health...Fi Wi Business

The Manchester Youth Information Centre (MYIC), an office of the Ministry of Youth and Culture hosted its first Health and Wellness Fair to commemorate World Health Day on Friday, April 17, 2015.

Under the theme “Fi Wi Health, Fi Wi Business”, the health fair was an educational and interactive event designed for outreach to provide basic preventive\medicine and medical screening to youth in the community of Manchester. This initiative was anticipated to empower youth by raising their awareness on health related issues as well as services available to them in a bid to foster their holistic development and to promote healthy lifestyles.

The Health fair was offered on site the Manchester Youth Information Centre, Wint Road, Mandeville, Manchester. It consisted of a variety of exhibitors that educated the youth on varying aspects of health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle improvements.

Topics included were Skin Care (Dr. Carol Burrell, Dermatologist-Skinz Dermatology & Wellness Centre) Orthodontic treatment (Mandeville Orthodontics JA), Dental Hygiene (Dr. Reva Morgan), Family Planning (NFPB & MHD), Sex and Healthy Lifestyle (BCC/MHD), Substance Abuse (NCDA), Chronic illness prevention & Management and Health Benefits (NHF), First Aid and CPR (Red Cross), Natural Eating (Fancy Fruits) and Eye screening (Eyeland Eyewear).

Other exhibitors present were First Heritage Corporative Credit Union, Kris An Charles Investment and Institute of Innovation & Technology. There were a total of eleven agencies and over one hundred students from High Schools within the parish.

The inaugural YIC Health Fair was a tremendous success. We look forward to Health practitioners partnering with us to make 2016 a more remarkable event. 


- Charlene McLaughlin