Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students (JUTS)

The Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students (JUTS) has been organised at a national level since 1972, by the government, in its democratisation plan within the education system.

The JUTS can be described as a democratic, independent, non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan student organisation comprising a confederation of local student representative organisations in colleges and universities across Jamaica. It represents and defends the interests of approximately 25, 000 students from 22 tertiary institutions.

The JUTS is a member of the International Union of Students (IUS)

Our Motto: Building a nation through student representation.

The JUTS also strives to fulfil its Mission Statement:
To represent the tertiary and the young adult population of Jamaica with professional stability locally and internationally while promoting and maintaining their educational, social, cultural and general interests.

JUTS Aims and Objectives:

  1. To promote the views of students on issues within the education system
  2. To promote the interests of students in economic, social, youth and mature issues which have a direct effect on education or upon the status and welfare of students within society
  3. To continue building and strengthening the root of the organisation among the broad masses of students across the island
  4. To focus on the grievances of students as well as national issues and seek solutions for problems that confront students
  5. To maintain and promote co-operation with the students and student organisations of other countries
  6. To discuss, comment and act upon current affairs which are of interest or importance to students
  7. To support financially or in other ways causes which merit the support of students in general
  8. To be efficient mediators between the national student body and the government
  9. To negotiate as far as possible in ensuring comfort and satisfaction of the students in keeping with the rules and regulations of social, political and economic policies.
  10. To fulfil at least two (2) major projects annually that would be beneficial to students on a national level
  11. To serve in the upliftment of other needy institutions, organisations or individuals through outreach programmes and activities.
  12. To educate and provide national student information in uplifting the youth personally and academically through youth sessions, youth activities, youth conferences and youth representation.


  1. Moneague College
  2. Bethlehem Moravian College
  3. Shortwood Teachers’ College
  4. The MICO University College
  5. Northern Caribbean University
  6. GC Foster College
  7. University of Technology
  8. Knox Community College
  9. University of the West Indies, Mona
  10. Excelsior Community College
  11. Montego Bay Community College
  12. Brown’s Town Community College
  13. College of Agriculture, Science and Education
  14. St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College
  15. Church teachers’ College
  16. Portmore Community college
  17. Caribbean Maritime Institute
  18. Edna Manley college of the Visual and Performing Arts
  19. Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College
  20. Vocational Training and Development Institute
  21. Norman Manley Law school
  22. United Theological College of the West Indies