The project is specifically aimed at creating structures to ensure the sustainability of the Jamaica’s youth clubs. To ensure continued and sustained positive youth development outcomes through youth clubs, the project will facilitate:

  1. Restructuring of the National Youth Council of Jamaica by an Act of Parliament. This move will strengthen the institutional structures within the NYCJ to formally register, provide technical and administrative support to youth clubs, and fulfil monitoring and evaluation obligations
  2. Development of responsibility framework among youth and community development sector partners. In this way, there will be a shared understanding among GOJ entities that work with youth clubs to reduce fragmentation and ensure targeting of resources
  3. Engagement of youth club assistants to provide guidance, assistance and support to the community in restarting/establishing clubs
  4. Publication of Youth Club Toolkit which will offer detailed guidance on establishing, managing and sustaining youth clubs
  5. Implementation of a Rewards and recognition scheme to boost interest and continuity in the youth club movement
  6. Continued follow-up and support to youth clubs through Youth Empowerment Officers in the YAPD/MOEYI
  7. Development of Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism for assessing effectiveness of youth clubs for youth empowerment