What to Do when Approached by the Police

CITIZEN: What Do I Do When I Am Approached By The Police?

  1. Do not run away. To do so may make you appear guilty.
  2. Show no hostility.
  3. Remain calm. Remember that innocent persons have nothing to fear.
  4. Listen carefully to everything you are told and, instructed or ordered to do, as you may be requested to repeat EXACTLY what you were told (especially if you should have a complaint).

POLICE: What Do I Do When I Am Approaching A Citizen?

  1. Do not use force if questions, requests, demands or commands are disregarded; citizens have the right to remain silent. You must be guided by the hallmarks of professional conduct- Justice and Fairness- when enforcing the law.
  2. When questioning, you should not do so in an intimidating manner. Citizens should be allowed to contact a lawyer before answering questions, if they so desire.
  3. Remember, members of the public have the right to ask to see your identification card. You should be ready at any time to produce this card upon request. If in plain clothes, the ID must be presented when approaching a citizen.
  4. Statements are not to be taken from juveniles (a person 17 years and younger) without the presence of a parent or guardian