What to do When Driving and Stopped by the Police

CITIZEN: What Should I Do When Driving & Asked By The Police To Stop?

The law states that you must stop when requested by a police officer in uniform (section 56-58 Road Traffic Act). Show restraint and remain calm, even if you believe the police have stopped you unnecessarily.

You will be guilty of an offence:

If you do not stop
If, as a passenger, you prevent or intimidate the driver from stopping
If you escape, or attempt to escape, from the vehicle when the police has asked the driver to stop
If the police officer behaves in an unprofessional manner, write down or try to remember his/her badge number, name, vehicle registration plate or other identifying marks, should you need to make a complaint


POLICE: How Should I Deal With The Driving Public When I Ask That They Stop Their Vehicles?

You have the right, by law, top stop and keep stationary any vehicle using the roadways, for the detection and prevention of crime and the general safety of the public.

In carrying out these functions you should:

Always approach a member of the public professionally and politely
Say “Good Morning” or “Good evening” depending on the time of day, then make your request clearly known
Never let your decision be inappropriately influenced by the attitude of members of the public
In the event that the driver is not in possession of his/her driver’s licence, request some other form of identification