Where to get Tested for HIV

Where Can I Get Tested for HIV?

There are a number of places that you can get tested for HIV. Normally, HIV testing is available in:

  • doctors’ offices
  • family planning clinics
  • health clinics and hospitals
  • specialist sexual health or HIV/AIDS and voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) sites
  • youth drop-in centres
  • drug and alcohol services
  • antenatal clinics.

You can also get tested for HIV at a number of other places, such as mobile and outreach testing in the community.


HIV Testing Locations in Jamaica



Clinic Address


Health Office Address


Kingston and St. Andrew


Comprehensive Health Centre

55 Slipe Pen Road,

Kingston 5
Tel: 922-2095; 924-9473


Health Office
Marescaux Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 926-1550-5


St. Catherine


Health Centre
St Jago Park
P.O. Box 44, Spanish Town
Tel: 984-2282/3318


Health Office
St Jago Park
P.O. Box 44, Spanish Town
Tel: 984-2282/3318




May Pen Health Department
Denbigh, May Pen
Tel: 986-4548; 986-9712


Health Office
Clarendon Health Department
Tel: 986-4548; 986-9712




Manchester Health Department
Brigade Crescent, Mandeville
Tel; 962-2288;962-2171


Health Office, Manchester
Health Department
Brigade Crescent, Mandeville
Tel: 962-2288; 962-23171


St. Elizabeth


Health Centre
47 Coke Drive, Santa Cruz
Tel: 966-2101


Health Office, Black River
Health Department
High Street, Black River
Tel: 965-2266; 965-2701




Westmoreland Health Department
Dunbars River, Sav-la-mar


Health Office, Westmoreland
Health Department
Dunbars River, Sav-la-mar




Hanover Health Department
Tel: 956-2604-5


Health Office, Hanover Health
Department, Lucea
Tel: 956-2654


St. James


Cornwall Regional Hospital
Mt. Salem
Tel: 952-5100-9 Exts 450/451


Health Office, St James
Health Department
Cornwall Regional Hospital
Tel: 952-5100-9 Exts 450/451




Trelawny Health Department
Tel: 954-3689; 954-3563


Health Office,

Trelawny Health Department, Falmouth

Tel: 954-3689; 954-3563


St. Ann


Health Centre, St Ann's Bay
Tel: 972-2190
1 Church Crescent, Ocho Rios
Tel: 974-2691


Health Office, St Ann's Bay
4 Windsor Road
Tel: 972-2215; 972-2227


St. Mary


Health Centre- Tel : 994-2330
Annotto Bay Hospital
Tel: 996-2222


Health Office, Port Maria
Tel: 994-2358




Health Centre, Smatt Road
Port Antonio
Tel; 993-2557/993-2873


Health Office, Portland Health Department
Smatt Road, Port Antonio
Tel: 993-2557/993-2873


St. Thomas


Health Centre
Princess Margaret Hospital
Lyssons Road
Tel: 982-2304 & 6

Health Office
Morant Bay
Tel: 982-2304 & 6



Additionally, you can contact the National HIV/STI Helpline at 1-888-991-4444, 976 3830, 976 3764 for additional information. 

Remember, HIV testing should:

  • involve your full consent
  • be confidential
  • give you the opportunity to speak with someone about what’s involved
  • give you an HIV-positive or negative result
  • depending on your results, give you information on further treatment and prevention services.


Is HIV testing free?

Yes, HIV testing is generally free. The only exceptions are if you go through private healthcare. If you have any concerns or want any further information, speak to a local healthcare provider, they should give you a good indication of where you can do this.