Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica

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2021-2023 Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica 


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Overview of the YACJ 

The Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica (YACJ) is intended to facilitate continuous engagement of young people in youth development policy and programming actions of the Government of Jamaica. The YACJ is one structure geared towards the fulfilment of the Goal VI of the CARICOM Youth Development Goals (CYDGs), which seeks to ensure and enhance youth participation in all levels of decision-making, programme implementation and oversight.

In this respect, the YACJ will work to mainstream the needs of youth through Government of Jamaica (GOJ) programmes and activities during all phases of programme development, implementation and evaluation. The YACJ is also the Steering Committee for the National Youth Parliament, toward ensuring that the deliberations of the parliament are presented to, and discussed with relevant decision-makers and that activities of the Youth Parliament are in keeping with objectives of the MOEYI.


The YACJ is structured to ensure that youth are provided with an avenue for full participation in decision-making processes as equal and valuable partners. To this end, the YACJ aims to:

  1. Provide support to the GOJ in mainstreaming youth issues into national policies and development strategies in order to create spaces and opportunities for empowering young people and giving recognition, visibility and credibility to the contributions of youth;
  2. Develop partnerships between the GOJ and young people, to solicit and integrate youth views and priorities, and collaborate with youth in setting up projects and programmes to address their needs, concerns and requirements of youth;
  3. Monitor and evaluate projects targeting and involving young people and promote research on youth development;
  4. Promote the presence of youth on GOJ Boards, as well as in workshops, meetings and conferences organised by the GOJ and its partners;
  5. Act as a clearing house of information concerning youth, towards updating member organisations on opportunities and initiatives in various sectors of government for youth development.

The YACJ is being coordinated with the intent to facilitate dialogue between young people and all GOJ Ministries, Departments and Agencies. For the period 2021-2023, the council will focus on the achievement of its objectives in relation to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, and its departments and agencies. The work of the YACJ will subsequently be expanded to consider policies and programmes in other ministries.


Expected Outcomes

  1. Youth have a stronger voice, and are better served by the Government with more robust and youth-friendly policies and programmes;
  2. Youth fully participate in democratic and development processes, and play active roles in civil society.
  3. Youth are aware of and are better able to access economic and social opportunities, share in economic growth, live healthy lives, and contribute to household, community, and national well-being.


Members of the 2019-2021 Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica

The Council is comprised of sixteen (16) members, listed below.

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Kai Bridgewater - Chair  Benjamin Fraser
Tori Pryce - Deputy Chair  Mikiela Gonzales
Sujae Boswell Pierre Henry
Jahmar Brown Anabelle Jones
Asha-Gaye Cowell Malike Kellier
Lavois Cruickshank Phelisa Ricketts
Shaqkeera Douglas Stephen McCubbin
Jonathan Dwyer Andrew Rodgers


2019-2021 Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica 


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Previous Council Members: 

2016 - 2019 Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica 

Aubrey Stewart - Chairman Camilla Parris-Campbell
Sean Davis - Deputy Chairman Christal Parris-Campbell
Russell Barrett Michelle Thomas
Jerome Cowans Glenroy Murray
Kemario Davis Tamara McKayle
Stanecia Davis Everton Rattray
Keenan Falconer Odell Marsh
Jerahmeel James Lerone Laing


Youth Advisory council of Jamaica