Youth and Adolescent Policy Division - MOEYI

The Youth and Adolescent Policy Division operates within Jamaica's Ministry of Education, Youth and Information. The YAPD has core responsibility for the development, implementation and the management of policies and programmes, that will seek to foster care, provided non-formal education and training for Jamaican youth aged 15-29 years. The Division promotes youth development and empowerment through:

  • Strengthening the legislative and policy framework of the youth development portfolio
  • Empowering our youth through leadership, mentorship and volunteerism.
  • Providing young people with the tools to be competitive both locally and globally.
  • Facilitating alternative avenues for self-employment and financial independence for the youth and the population in general.
  • Identifying, providing information or facilitating the creation of opportunities for the unattached youth


A Dynamic Department operating under the Ministry with responsibility for Youth Affairs; leading, supporting and facilitating mechanisms that ensure the optimum development of all young people, enabling them to compete globally and regionally, while contributing to national development.


To enable positive youth development through policy initiatives, programming actions and youth participation; partnering with stakeholders to ensure inclusiveness and collaboration of efforts to address all aspects of youth development. Advocating for relevant services, identify opportunities for growth and development, access to facilities & amenities, disseminate information and promoting non-discriminatory actions toward all young people.